About Us

Manic Traffic partners with businesses all over the world. We strive to help companies achieve their goals. We specialize in software development. Specializing in browser extensions and apps, Monarch Digital has been in business for nearly half a decade and has a significant client partner list. How can we partner together to make the internet a better place?

Custom Development

Over 15 years of web monetization and tool set experience lends our customers the best technical resources to help them differentiate their business online. Ask us how to build the right extension to help your business scale.

Distribution Services

Manic Traffic has developed and released over 100 extensions for our own use or for our partners. Let us get you the global footprint your extension needs to be successful.

Make Money

Once your extension has been built and distributed, are you making the most you can from every client that utilizes your content? Maximize your earning potential by using our partnerships for both direct advertisers as well as the major search engines and exchanges.